About Samaritan’s walk


Who we are

We provide you with inspirational notes for your journey in life. Hopefully you will find rest in the God of the Bible and make a decision to offer your life to Jesus Christ. We are here to support you, our team is ready at all times if you need prayer or someone to talk to. Just get in touch. Perhaps you are in doubt about Jesus and the Bible? We recommend Geisler and Turek’s book titled, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist”. It is a good start to help answer some of your questions. 

Samaritan’s Walk as a non-profit seeks to provide aid to many out there in Africa. Our passion can be found in the areas of education and healthcare. We are currently working to build a sponsor base and developing capacity for key projects to take off. Phase 1 of one of our projects, Urban Kids, is taking off in Ghana.

Our Outreaches

We are here for you

We believe just as we thirst for water and hunger for food, our spirits also yearn for nourishment. That nourishment comes from God’s Word and a relationship with God. If you search for God you will not miss Him. All the inspirational notes we provide on our blog (and our Facebook page) are for your free use. However, we frown upon any use for profit like compiling them for sale and so on. Do you need someone to talk to? You may get in touch.


Join us in the Samaritan’s Walk!

Together we can make a difference. Please, do not send any monetary contributions. We will only make this call if the need arises and after we have completed all official registration processes.