A story

We read the story of a little girl who endures the pain of hair braiding but rejoices at her beauty when she sees herself in a mirror afterwards. Then we were reminded of the pain the Father and Son must have endured during the ultimate atonement to ‘pay’ for salvation of all humanity.

Samaritan's Walk_profileOften in life, like this little girl, we go through pain – pain of ill health or an accident, of rejection or betrayal, of shame or even sometimes of failure to manage our own expectations of life realistically. But what seems even more unbearable is the fact that God seems to be absent when we need Him to take us out of our pain. Even worse is a recent wave of ‘a kind of Scripture interpretation’ particularly fuelled by a section of Christian ministers and leaders who make it appear that members who go through any form of hardship or pain are just ‘not Christian’ enough or are simply failures.

Dear friend, perhaps it’s time for us to look at hardship and pain from another perspective. Indeed God is sovereign enough to miraculously cause our pain to go but He’s also gracious enough to strengthen us through our period of pain in order to equip us with first-hand experience so we can minister to others who in future might be going through where have been and come out even stronger!
So next time you feel God has totally ignored you in the middle of an unpleasant experience, remind yourself of His promise in Hebrews 13:5 that He will never forsake you. Perhaps, you’re being prepared to be blessing to someone who in future will be going through what you are now. Be encouraged today!